Send your media blackout complaints to News Channel 8 WJLA

If you’re on this page, you probably already know that the WJLA television broadcast of the Montgomery County Thanksgiving Parade omitted the presence of the Bernie Sanders supporters. The WJLA broadcast cut to a commercial break just as the Bernie Sanders float was approaching the television cameras. When they returned from the break, all traces of the Bernie Sanders supporters were long gone.

We’re very disappointed, to say the least. Our volunteers really worked hard to make a fun and entertaining presence in the parade. They poured their hearts into the project, donating countless hours preparing the float and purchasing supplies with their hard-earned money.


In response to this hurtful oversight, we are encouraging all local Bernie supporters to contact the station and urge them to include the Bernie float and supporters in all re-broadcastings of the Parade. The station is scheduled to re-broadcast several times on Thanksgiving Day.

Provided below is a message you can use when contacting the station. Feel free to include your own sentiments but we encourage you not to accuse the station of political bias – we do not believe this slight against our group was intentional or malicious.



To the Station Manager(s) of WJLA,

I was disappointed that the Bernie Sanders float was not included in your broadcast of the 2015 Montgomery County Thanksgiving Parade. Just before the camera turned to the Bernie float, you cut to commercial break. When you returned from the break, you had skipped the Bernie supporters altogether.

This omission of the Bernie Float and its supporters is disconcerting when you consider that all the other floats supporting political candidates were awarded air time – Hillary Clinton, Chris Van Hollen, Jaime Raskin and a few others. This is unfair treatment to the participants of the Parade and the political candidates they represent.

I urge you to include the Bernie Sanders float when you rebroadcast the parade on thanksgiving day, Nov. 26th.


Also, post it to their Facebook page as well.


Thank you,
Bill Cook & Joshua Thomas

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