Let’s Get Started!

You are excited and ready to do your part but you don’t know where to start. That’s ok, that is how everyone begins. Bernie has been clear that he won’t take money from billionaire backed super PAC’s or the Koch brothers. That leaves all of us who believe in Bernie’s message to get those ideas out in our communities and stimulate discussion and awareness. Bernie’s success depends on our individual initiative and passion for change to develop the grassroots network that his campaign requires.

Grassroots organizations are comprised of both experienced political activists and inexperienced activists. Bernie’s campaign was not only aware that there would be a bit of inexperience in the grassroots movement, they planned for it. On Bernie’s official campaign website, they have outlined the type of activities you can engage in to help spread Bernie’s message to your local community.

Bernie Sanders Volunteer Organizing Toolkit

Look over the list and find something that you think you could help with or even lead with. And while Bernie’s official campaign is not in a position to provide much assistance beyond guidance, MoCo4Bernie exists to help organizers in Montogmery County with the more practical aspect of event implementation. If there is something you want to do and you need a bit of help you can “contact us” here on this website or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. You can also attend one of our bi-weekly meetings or volunteer to assist on others events. If you are not ready to organize your own events, you can register to volunteer with us and we can contact you to help other organizers with their events.

We are all in this together. Let’s help each other help our country. Let’s get started!


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