Join the Political Revolution

Moco4Bernie is an independent group of people in Montgomery County, MD organizing to support Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign for President and kick start the political revolution he is calling for. For 50 years, Bernie has been on the side of the people. And he will continue to be so when he is elected President.

Bernie knows he cannot do it alone. He is calling for a political revolution to take our country back from the billionaire class, which controls both our economy and our government. In Portland, ME, Bernie recently said, “We need a strong grassroots movement to make that revolution and then we can bring about change. When the people start moving, the people at the top start listening.” Due to the huge amount of enthusiasm on July 29th, volunteers and coordinators got together and decided to start MoCo4Bernie, an informal network to coordinate with each other in Montgomery County, MD. We hold planning meetings and social meetings every week on an alternating basis to plan for the many volunteering events we’ve got going on. If you’re organizing or participating in another group in Montgomery County and want to work with us (or autonomously too), we invite you to contact us and send a representative to our meetings. Only through working, coordinating, and networking together will we defeat the billionaire class and take our country back.

We are planning several activities that are coming up soon and we need your help planning, hosting, or volunteering for these events. These include social events, phone-banking for Iowa, canvassing local neighborhoods, debate watch parties, events tabling, and flyering everywhere we can.

Join the political revolution by signing up to volunteer with us and invite your friends to join too! Volunteering is fun and a great way to meet like-minded people while supporting ideas that you are passionate about.

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